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What's your peace of mind worth?

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Two months ago I signed up for an online course that would teach me how to build an online program and essentially an online business. I paid for it in full thinking, with a huge financial investment, I would be committed to seeing this into fruition, regardless of how challenging it might be.

Two months in and I'm miserable, irritable and downright nasty to the people I love most. There is absolutely no joy in my life and I haven't seen my friends in months! I wondered what was happening to me. Why am I so painfully uncomfortable emotionally? Is it just the pandemic catching up to me? How can I teach people about stress management, restorative sleep, the importance of social connections and finding joy in your life when I wasn't practicing it myself?

Was my peace of mind worth thousands of dollars? Thousands that I worked exceptionally hard to make and that I would have to start the saving process over again in order to reclaim my losses. I feel like a failure because I didn't see this into fruition. But my peace of mind is worth more than that. Kudos to those who can keep their nose on the grindstone, muddle through the tech, and create their masterpiece one click funnel and FB post at a time. For me, I guess I have to find some other way to help people. One online course: $10,000. Peace of mind: priceless.

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